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Use these 5 Relationship Techniques with your boy friend and girl friend to Re-Awaken the Love. A husband and wife may have grown distant.

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"How can I get my Ex back?"

Maybe your boy-friend does not pay attention. Or, your girl-friend is always busy? Learn here to use these Relationship Techniques to heal a broken relationship. Make a marriage alive and great again.

Are you serious about getting your boy-friend and girl-friend back, back into your life with real love and sharing? If you are discuss together and use the Relationship Techniques described here. If your boyfriend will not listen or if you want a road map, then read about then get The Magic of Making Up.

“How can we Fall in Love again?”

Learn here about 5 Relationship Techniques and Ideas. Deepen your love. Improve your Marriage and to Fall in Love again.

How can you Fall in Love Again?

You can get your boy-friend, girl-friend or husband, wife back. You can even Fall in Love again. Relationship techniques can help. Read here about 5 Techniques I/ we used to Improve Understanding in part by listening better and by deepening the sharing of day-to-day life.

I was married the first time to C for 17 years. The second time, I was married to A for 14 years. We learned a few things that helped.

In each Marriage, we were able to Fall in Love again more than one time.

Be excited again. Your husband should feel like a boy-friend who excites you.

In fact, even today, we love each other with Filial Love, like a brother and sister might love. The In Love Feeling is a combination of Eros and Filial Love. With A, we called a Cocoon. A was “my Lady” and felt safe and commitment.

The In Love feeling lasted about 3 to 6 months each time. Then, day-to-day life cooled the In Love feeling and the Eros. To keep the In Love feeling going, with A, we stopped often on each long drive. Why? We stopped just to Hug, to make the Cocoon stronger before we continued on.

The 5 Relationship Techniques

Here are Five Methods that improved our Marriage Relationship, that even helped us Fall in Love again. These relationship techniques can help deepen your sharing of day-to-day life, to Increase your Love and Bond.

1. Relationship Technique - Active Listening

Both need to be Heard in a healthy relationship. It is normal for the Woman, the girl-friend, to seek current understanding. The man, the boy-friend, focuses on Action. Help your girl-friend to Be and Feel Heard. Learn how to Listen Actively at our Active Listening page.

2. Relationship Technique - Interviewing

Interview each other, perhaps for 10 or 20 minutes once per month. Listen about Goals for Next month and how he, she did last month. To understand is the task of the Interviewer. It helps to use Categories like Personal Health, The Children, Our Relationship, Work, Family Calendar.

With C, we enjoyed interviewing each other. It worked well. She is a great Organizer, even for large events. With A, she would not do this; so, we did so informally only.

3. Relationship Technique – Spooning for Couples.

Lay down behind your boy-friend or girl-friend. Form your body around her. Both of you should take turns to spoon each other most every night. It can help to form a feeling like a Cocoon. The receiver of the Spoon feels Protected and Loved. The one Spooning feels – if he is awake – Cherishing her, feeling grateful she is here with you.

The Spooning Affects are better if you align breathing, but it is not necessary.

4. Relationship Technique – Gazing for Couples – Active Alignment

Gazing is a challenge. Stop gazing at any time if uncomfortable.

Before you start, you both get calm first by deep, even breathing.

a. Sit facing each other close enough to hold hands, in chairs or on the floor.

b. Hold right hand to right hand.

c. Then, look calmly into the eyes of the other with slow even breathing.

d. Let one, normally Him, also follow Her breathing to align breathing.

Gaze for 1 minute only the first time. Then talk about it.

For a person to look into your eyes for a period is a privilege you grant. It is unusual. “Staring” it is called when it is unwanted.

e. Keep your thoughts always coming back to the beautiful face you now see. You are grateful for your girl-friend.

f. Do not Talk while Gazing. Be Quiet. Behold the other.

g. Deepen your breaths. Perhaps you start with a breath every 3 seconds and stretch over time to 10 seconds per cycle of breath in and out.

The Breath In should be faster than the breath out. In might take 1 or 2 seconds; hold for 5 and release the breath for 3 seconds or so, slowly.

Gazing can trigger many feelings. Remember to Stop at any time.

5. Relationship Technique – Share Work at Home

This means to share cooking, cleaning and what needs doing. Cooking together can be fun, a cause of interaction. Shared experiences are a big part of a healthy relationship. Reading out loud can be nice, particularly at the end of the day. Think of the shared experiences you liked when you were In Love. Did you Take Walks, go for a Swim, throw a Ball?

For me, while married to C, I did the sharing but not my fair share of work alone. I changed how I responded to Doing Chores.

I was Lazy, a Shirker. I learned Why. How did I change? What Motivates me and how am I affected?

I read Abraham Maslow's list of subtle Being Value Motivations at the Self-Actualization level there are 18 different possible Motivations. Please see my Abraham Maslow Motivation Article, “Finding Enthusiasm in Daily Life.”

Why was I Lazy? Effortless Motivates me a lot. Seeing that being Lazy was Not Just, one day I walked into the kitchen. The dishes needed to be washed; cleaning the dishes from or 6 wonderful children seemed never ending. I started to walk away to pretend I did not know. I saw the dishes and thought, "Be a Doer not a Shirker, Bruce." "Why not? Be a Pitch-In person."

So, I did. Right then and there I changed. I have helped with chores even without being asked, ever since then.





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→ Read more from 15of.com about Active Listening.

One really Can Change. How?

It takes a Deep Desire and Will-power to change.

Anthony, Tony Robbins is an expert on how to change, about the methods to “get leverage on yourself” and to change in an instant, just like I did about Chores. Consider the Tony Robbins Love and Passion, Ultimate Relationship Program. “Creating Lasting Passion & Love No matter how much we have achieved in any area of our lives, true fulfillment can only be found in one thing: the emotional quality of our personal relationships. Unfortunately, most of us have settled for something that falls below our deepest desires. We all want love and passion, yet most of us fill ourselves up with work, friends, sports, food, or causes outside the realm of passion, ecstasy, and intimate love.”

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"Effective Communication Techniques for Relationships" is a popular relationship techniques Article at LiveStong.com "He," the man in a relationship is likely to find what the steps recommend Challenging. He will struggle if he is mostly from Mars, not much from Venus.

Here is an Extract:

Step 1. Learn to identify feelings whenever possible.

Step 2. Express feelings to your partner as clearly as possible

Step 3. Take responsibility for your own feelings without blaming your partner.

Some Books and Programs that could help Get your Boyfriend back.

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